Amanda Zoey Angel Quartz Cluster Small Silver Cuff

Amanda Zoey Angel Quartz Cluster Small Silver Cuff

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This stunning glamorous cuff bracelet is created by local artist, Amanda Zoey. Zoey painstakingly crafts and welds each piece, and personally picks and sources all her stones materials from all over the US. Each piece is unique and will have slight variations. Cuff is malleable and adjustable.

  • Made by Amanda Zoey 
  • Silver plated stainless steel cuff, molten silver, and angel quartz.
  • Bracelet width: 2.25", length: 2".
  • Adjustable


About the Artist:

A full time artist and lifelong resident of Oklahoma City, Amanda Zoey blends her love of nature with her surroundings of urban communal landscape. From painting, to jewelry design, to her recent works with paper and metal sculpture; Zoey has been cultivating her art form over the past decade in a variety of expressions. Her recent studies combine the rough and free beauty of natural elements into metropolitan adaptations with polished geometric designs. Her stones are sourced from a small family quartz mine in Arkansas and her travels through out the US.