Trevor Wayne X Clive Barker Limited Edition Prints (Signed)

Trevor Wayne X Clive Barker Limited Edition Prints (Signed)

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by Trevor Wayne 

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Limited edition prints of Trevor Wayne's Hellraiser from the artist's Horror Banana Series. Signed by Clive Barker the famed writer and director of the horror classic, Hellraiser. Only one available!

  • Signed by the artist Trevor Wayne and by the director Clive Barker.
  • Numbered prints. Edition of 50.
  • White matted print.
  • Available only in 11" x 14"

Artist Bio:

Trevor Wayne was born in Chicago and raised on a blueberry farm in Michigan. Trevor’s desire to become an artist developed not from an encounter with paintings in a museum, but from his childhood love of Saturday morning cartoons. The influence of cartoons and comics remains palpable in his work, with its hard-edged clarity and stylized economy of visual means. Like the Pop Art figures that preceded him, Trevor mines familiar references for his paintings, drawing on totems of consumerism and mainstream entertainment that are well-known to American audiences including horror movies, Barbie dolls, reality television, and classic Hollywood cinema. Trevor attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and now resides in Palm Springs, CA.