Klint Schor The Kiss Small Sculpture
Klint Schor The Kiss Small Sculpture

Klint Schor The Kiss Small Sculpture

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by Klint Schor

 An impressive miniature version of, The Kiss a public sculpture by local artist, Klint Schor. Hand cut and designed steel sculpture.  Due to the handmade nature of each individual piece, slight variances are normal and offset the uniqueness of each piece.

  • Etched signature on bottom
  • Approximate dimensions: 4” x 3.5” x 2”
  • Steel
  • Made in Oklahoma 
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About the Artist:
Klint has always considered himself a sculptor. A well established Oklahoma artist whose work is publicly displayed in many locations in the state. He began his career as a sculpting major at University of Central Oklahoma  receiving a  degree in graphic design.

"It is through graphic design that I found myself drawn to furniture design, architecture and the concept of sculpture as utilitarian object. These ideas are celebrated in the philosophies of the famous German Bauhaus school and their Russian predecessors who founded the movement "Constructivism". Both gave extra attention not only to the particular properties of an object but to their spacial presence, and how these two aspects relate to one another and to the environment in which they are in. This has had a profound affect on me and has influenced my work ever since.

I began applying these concepts to functional sculptures and installations that utilized moving parts but never had an intended use or purpose other than as art. The size and complexity of these larger pieces and installations required me to learn what was behind the gallery wall and how to use that knowledge when creating, preparing and physically installing exhibitions. I learned the basic principals of architecture and construction as a result."

Learn more about Klint and his projects on his website, www.klintschor.com