Balloon Money Bank Elephant- Rainbow White Dots

Balloon Money Bank Elephant- Rainbow White Dots

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by Made by Humans

 Designed in studio this much-loved item is making its debut with its whole body covered in playful, multi-colored polka dots! From start to finish, the entire polka dotting process takes place in-house. 

First they design polka dots of different sizes on a programmable cutting machine. Then they feed vinyl sheets in all the different colors into the machine. Once the cutting is done, the real work begins. Because the permanent, vinyl polka dot stickers are applied by hand, and 1-by-1, to the body of the elephant. It's important to no
te that, because they are handmade, no two Polka Dot Elephants will be exactly the same. But, trust us, each one of them will be just gorgeous.

  • Designed by: Mason Morris
  • Made from: High-gloss electroplated ceramic
  • Measures: 11" L x 7" W x 7.5"